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Win a lot of honor is to agree to be excited
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Old Brand Creating Future Life Strong
  • Top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China
  • China Star Enterprise
  • National Quality Award of the People's Republic of China
  • Top 10 Most Historic and Cultural Value Brands in China
  • Won the title of "High-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province"
  • Named "State-level Enterprise" by the State Council Enterprise Management Committee
  • China Famous Database Brand
  • Comprehensive strength of the top 60 enterprises
  • Top 20 companies with sales revenue
  • Chaoshan old brand
  • "Life Strong brand" Anti-Inflammatory Biliary Tract Tablets were rated as brand-name products in Guangdong Province
  • Anti-Inflammatory Biliary Tract Tablets - the provincial quality products (re-evaluation)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Biliary Tract Tablets, Brain Tablets - China's pharmaceutical industry's most influential brand
  • Anti-Inflammatory Biliary Tract Tablets - brand-name products in Guangdong Province
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