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Strong technical force to ensure the sustainable development
As a well-known domestic large-scale manufacturing of proprietary Chinese medicine enterprises, after 64 years of accumulation and development, strong technical force, advanced equipment, now has a modern GMP standard large-scale production base and the most advanced 13 kinds of formulations production lines, Sets of production capacity can be achieved: 10,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicine extraction, 4 billion tablets, 300 million capsules, 80 million bottles of liquid, 80 million injection, 20 million bags of granules; has a vibrant, innovative staff. Nearly 1,000 employees, of whom have early, middle and senior titles accounted for 23% of the number of staff, 80 percent of employees have more than 10 years of pharmaceutical experience. Over the years, has independent research and development of drugs nearly a hundred, of which more than 20 tablets, such as stone remove pill that won the national award.
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