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Quality & Efficacy first
We always regard the quality as the life of the enterprise, follow the principle of "never dare to save labor no matter how trouble, never dare to reduce material no matter how expensive it costs", strict standard operation, strictly according to GMP standard production, select authentic medicine, produce supreme drugs , comprehensive construction of three quality supervision system, multi-angle, multi-level, all-round way to strengthen quality control to ensure the quality of drug efficacy to ensure drug safety.
Pursuit excellence, and create the core competitiveness
Quality is the survival and development of the protection of pharmaceutical companies, from the "raw material procurement - workshop production - quality supervision", every link needs relentless pursuit of high quality; innovation is the core of enterprise development, Life Strong business process is engraved with the imprint of independent innovation, from production R & D to scientific and technological innovation, having created a precedent for the industry for many times.
Quality determines efficacy and enterprise development
Quality is the core advantage of Life Strong, in order to effectively control the whole process to, establish a number of GAP demonstration planting base and implement each standard procedures. Quality is the responsibility, every employee has to follow the principle, practice the national standard quality standards, build a quality monument "For quality and for health".
  • Plant Of Guangdong Lysimachia Christinae Hance
  • Plant Base of Andrographis
  • Plant Base of Rabdosia serra (Maxim.) Hara


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